Awareness – your great friend.
I was doing a little traveling, recently. I stopped to visit a friend for a few days, to that stay at a home of her families. When I arrived she mentioned a few days prior her sister left her purse in her car and it had been taken. I live in an extremely safe area, so this is not something on my mind. I was a little concerned, I had a lot of stuff in my car that I couldn’t really bring all of it inside the house for the few nights I was there. Every day and evening before sleep, I asked that my car be surrounded in Pure White Light, I guess I do do this daily, but I paid extra attention and asked the Great Archangels to watch over my car, and asked them to please keep it safe and protected, especially at night while we slept. On the last morning I was getting ready to leave, my friend and I were enjoying a nice breakfast in the dinning area, we were in the middle of a conversation, I had a strong feeling come over me, and the message was go outside, now! I asked her to pause in the middle of an important point. I got up and went out front, I looked around I did notice the car across the street had some silver thing hanging out the door. But everything seemed okay, no one was around, our cars in the driveway looked fine. I went back inside, apologized for my interruption, we then finished our breakfast, cleaned up. I then got my things that were all ready to go inside the front door to load up my car. As we went outside there was a police car in the with the people across the street, we asked him what was happening and he said the persons car had been broken into, he thought just an hour ago! My friend and I just froze and looked at each other, I smiled. (Although bummed about that persons stuff.) I said a big thank you to our angels.

This is awareness, intuition, we all have it, it saves our lives, it takes us to the places and people that we need to go to, it is here to serve us. You know that “seemingly” quiet voice or feeling you have, sometimes you catch it, sometimes we think or notice it after the fact, oh man I had a feeling…….. but I didn’t catch it, or I didn’t listen to it, or I was in a hurry, or my mind said don’t listen, just go. We know that voice, that feeling or whatever it is you want to call it. You have it, we all have it. I’ve been practicing, or listening to mine for a long time, we are close, we are intimate, we are like great friends, we are together, hand and hand.

I am grateful to know this part of myself, she is with me always, and makes everything better, just like a great friend, we walk through this life hand and hand.