I am not here to be great at everything, although I’ll certainly do my very best. I Am here to do GREAT, a lot of things. Healing and helping people heal is a big one for me. ONE that gives me the greatest Joys, and alignments with my life purpose.

I honor myself, why I am here and what I came here to do on planet earth. I honor and love everything about me!! When I was young I was told a lot of the times I was to sensitive, actually I was even told that in my 30’s, and 40’s….I’m not told that anymore.

I always loved that about myself. I could see when people were spewing BS.

Why am I saying this, this is important. Be confident with your own unique gifts and talents.

I’d hear people say how hard it is to be an empathetic or Indigo child, or hear and feel all sounds at once as I experience. I guess it was hard, until I choose to completely Immerse myself into myself and master these aspects of me. I’m Still mastering, that’s a life process, I’ll continue this forever…

I recommend doing that, if this is you, you actually can THRIVE in this world being you, in every way….when you step into YOU, and honor yourself completely.

I even love that I can’t do certain things very well, I don’t even care.

I just ask someone to help me, Isn’t that some of the reasons we are here together.

I AM here to be me,

you’re here to be you.

Together we can be amazing,

Together we can do anything,

Together we can hold hands,

Together we can feed people,

Together we can heal,

Together we can create harmony, everyday, every week, every year.

Together we can LOVE.

Who are you here to be?

If it’s hard, I’ll hold your hand.

I love you, JT