Do you know you can be as healthy as you want to be?
Do you know you can create a physical body that is operating at optimal health and vitality?
Do you know you are powerful?

If it was possible for me after being in (10) car accident’s that one left me bed ridden for 6 months, it is possible for you too!!
In this video I share with you the story of how I defied all odds and did what all doctors thought I wouldn’t. I also share with you specific and powerfully positive affirmations you can use right now to begin the process of loving your body into the body you truly desire!
Hope you enjoy!

Body affirmation:
My body positively to everything that I am doing, thank you body, I love you, I appreciate you.
May add your own personal goals to this.

My body responds positively to everything that I am eating, drinking, consuming,,,,,,including all of my fitness regimen’s, healing regimen’s, I AM HEALTHY NOW.  I love you body, I appreciate you, I thank you.