I AM Perfectly perfect right now-
Just because you have more healing to do does not mean that you are not whole (wholly perfect) now, this is a process of being you, in soul and in human form, as we journey and raise our vibration and frequency to oneness towards / to creator. (Which you can do and are doing right now.)
You are whole, magnificent, perfectly perfect right now. God sees you as perfect now. You are perfect now. See yourself as perfect now, nothing else, perfect being, of light, of love. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken or forsaken, ever.
No matter what you did or didn’t do.
You might have things to transform, things to learn or open to, that’s all part of this journey.
You are also in this moment exactly where you are supposed to be, and you are perfectly perfect.
I AM perfectly perfect right now. (You can even say if you want or not) with all my seeming faults, weaknesses, and my greatness, I AM magnificent, and perfectly perfect.
Take a deep Breathe or two, breathe that into you, into your being, into your soul, into your mind, your emotions, into your energy fields, into your body your cells, into every aspect of you, breathe this knowingness, this high energy frequency into you,
you know this is you, you feel this is True, you are this magnificence. Sit with this awareness, practice it, contemplate this truth, allow it to blossom within you, through you, and into your entire life.
I AM perfectly perfect, whole, magnificent, radiant being, enjoying this human experience on earth, right here right now.
I AM loved, lovable and I AM perfectly perfect right now and always.

Thank you with Love.