I want to share with a thought process that came to me many years ago. It has served me quite well, and has helped me to achieve just what it says. Please read it here, download the PDF, or watch one of my YouTube videos about it, there is a long and a short version.

These are the thoughts about why I create this prayer:

  • I noticed that people seemed to create arguments, cause fights, and fabricate other kinds of crazy conflicts to get out of a relationship, or other situation that they wanted to end in their lives.
  • If I had grown spiritually and emotionally then I would honor everyone I had been in any type of relationship with. I would not make them wrong. I  would move on in peace and gratitude for the time that we had spent together.
  • The way that I think and feel, and the actions that I take help me be the best I can be, and  create my inner and outer reality.
  • I have the power within me to create myself and my life in anyway that I desire it to be. My intentions are for the highest good and the good of all concerned. I create loving relationships.
  • The thoughts I think, and the actions I take can shift any situation to be a much more positive one.
  • Please let me know how it serves you. May you be ignited with passion and courage to follow your hearts desires with ease and grace.

Today I let go of:

Worn out things,
Worn out situations,
Worn out relationships,
Worn out behaviors.

I let them go:


I now ALLOW into my life, and into all of my relationships, experiences, and affairs, only situations that are mutually supportive, and INSPIRING; loving, kind, honest, happy, successful, and financially prosperous. All of these relationships are for the HIGHEST GOOD and the GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

I Love the life I have created, and it’s getting better and better all the time!

Thank you… May say to God, the universe, the light, thank you everyone, the creator, or to your dog or cat. 😉

Johnna Trimmer
Change it as you like.