My mom was 54 when her spirit left her body. She left without any warning, no damn notice, not a peep!!! How is that fair? I was left with so many feelings, feelings that I had no idea existed inside of me.

We don’t look at death, until it turns up on our doorstep, in its bright little package, screaming.

We wonder how there can be this many tears in one little person?
Cause that is what you are, one little girl or little boy, standing or collapsed on the floor, bewildered beyond all comprehension. Yeah, you might think you’ll be different, but you won’t be: unless you live in denial and choose not to feel. But I recommend feeling, and feeling it all as deeply as you can. Dig in deep and search each room, each nook, each corner. Don’t be tempted to sweep anything under the rug or the bed, and look at it later. There will not be a later, there is only NOW. And, if you can learn anything from this experience, it just might be to know that there is only NOW and that you must live NOW, and not save anything for later.