Money can be like a dog if you run towards it, it might run away;
If you run in the opposite direction (towards fun & love) it will run after you.
Money might act like a child;
a child loves to play hide & seek, it loves to laugh & be in love.
Money could even be like a cat; if you demand its attention and it’s not in the mood, (or you have weird energy about it) it will surely walk away, or possibly scratch.
If one worries about money even for a second it knows, it’s like a vacuum, and will get sucked away fast!
Money is like math; you can add it, subtract it, multiply it, invest it, play math games with it. Money is nothing without you, it has not its own thoughts or energy, it does what you command it to do.
You’re the one creating all those money games and energy about it.
If you think about It, it might even be the only thing that does that, at your command that is.