Do you think it’s the money that you receive will give you the relief that you are desiring?
Is that what you really desire?
Relief or Souls Fulfillment?

Yes of course that will be nice when you receive the money you desire, or think you need, yet look back, thats a loop, and one that you know will not help you be fully satisfied.
So what will help you feel satisfied and fulfilled, and live in Gold?

The money that we all truly desire is connection to our Soul and when we are living fully our Souls purposes. This is GOLDEN, this is the money that will fulfill us all through and through.

I work, if I work at all it is for my Soul,
My connection to my Soul-
My Souls purpose being manifested in this physical world is my Gold. When my being (my heart) is in knowingness, when I have clear connection to my Soul, life is in harmony with all that is, Trust then is not a word, it’s is a knowingness and a feeling that will provide for you deeper than anything. There never a question in this place of safety or a feeling of fear, that would in comprehendible. Have you heard, with God all things are possible? Do you know this as your Truth?

Today: I thank my Soul for speaking to me loud and clear so that I may know why I am here.
I thank my mind, my body, and my heart for being strong and allowing my souls purpose to heard, and to be manifested through me in this physical world at this very powerful time on earth.

I love myself – I love all –

I accept this Gold into me and upon the earth to shine and create the most spectacular gardens for all to thrive.

Thank you for allowing this knowingness to be for me, for all the world.

Amen 🙏