Ready to say YES?

I was told NO, the doctors said I couldn’t do anything, no play, no exercise, and I was told that I would not be able to do anything physical in my life, ever. They also told me that I would not be able stand up straight by the time I was 30, I stand up pretty straight, a little crooked but strong and flexible, and feel so great at 50. At 18 after being in pain most of my life. I wanted out of pain, so I finally decided to do the opposite everything that I was told I could not do, or not to ever do, and said YES, Yes to myself, YES to my body, yes to my life. Has anyone ever told you you couldn’t do something? Watch this short video, I don’t think the quality of the recording is that great but I was inspired after a spin class feeling so fortunate and grateful.

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Thank you,
All love and light to All!