Taught by Johnna — Essential Keys to Transformation

Soul Memory Clearings

  • Find out how this work can release stress and anxiety, improve health issues, create a focused mind, a sense of peace, increase your energy, improve your relationships, release financial blocks
  • Connect with your guides and angels and bathe in their love, light, and support
  • Experience a Chakra release and clearing with the great Archangel Michael

Human Design System

  • Learn about your own unique personality profile
  • Learn strategies to implement into your day to day life, to achieve greater success with ease

Yoga Nidra / Sivasana

  • Come enjoy a relaxing mediation experienced while laying down
  • Yoga Nidra releases stress, and deep seeded tensions while you are in a state between the waking and the dreaming where healing can take place


27792 Aliso Creek Road
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 425-9642
Cost: $45.00 / $55.00 day of the workshop