Johnna’s Mp3 Trio


For limited time Johnna is giving away for FREE 3 of her most appreciated mp3 recordings.
Download now totally FREE:

  • Yoga with Johnna
  • Soul Memory Discovery – Peace Light Meditation
  • Soul Memory Discovery – Arch Angel Michael Chakra Release

1. Soul Memory Discovery – Arch Angel Michael Chakra Release

2. Soul Memory Discovery – Peace Light Meditation

3. Yoga with Johnna

Allow Johnna to guide you through these simple, yet profoundly beneficial powerful sessions. You will feel stretched, calmed, and balanced with the Gentle Yoga Session and Deeply Relaxed, free of stress and tensions with the Guided Relaxation.

2 Audio Sessions- MP3

Track 1.  Gentle Yoga (27:55)
This practice is created to support you daily to bring flexibility, increase your circulation and balance your body. This session will enhance you in all of your daily activities and other physical fitness routines or weekly Yoga Practice.
Bed-Based Sequence: All postures are done lying down (may also be done on yoga mat on floor)

Track 2.  Yoga Nidra (22:55)
This session of Yoga Nidra guided Relaxation is intended to assist you to release stress and tensions. This is an ancient technique derived from the tantra tradition. It is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. You will be able to also access the subconscious mind, where it is said, allow’s healing to take place. Johnna will guide you through a beautiful journey to the garden of your heart and beyond.