Yoga in Bed with Johnna Cd


Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra Audio Meditations to Bring Peace, Create Flexibility, Focus, Health, Healing, Release Stress, Feel Relaxed, Centered and Happy.

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Yoga in bed with Johnna Cd – Side One: SLEEP TO DREAM

Experience a long deep relaxation, using yoga nidra and guided visualization. Johnna’s voice will guide you on a beautiful journey, lovely piano plays in the back ground. Your body & mind will have a chance to completely relax.  Yoga nidra can also help you manifest a goal or desire, listen to the introduction to find out more about creating your sankalpha.
Can be used anytime of the day for a mid-day relaxation or night to fall asleep to.

Track 1. About yoga in bed practice 11:35
Track 2. Guidance healing visualization (Savasana) 39:34

Yoga in bed with Johnna Cd – Side Two: AWAKE ON THE RIGHT SIDE
Enjoy a very simple 20 minute Hatha Yoga practice. Great for anyone at any level new to yoga or experienced. Start your day on the right side. Connect your mind, body & spirit. Set an intention for your day while you wake up your body, stretch, open your joints, release tireness and prepare
your-self for a magical day.

Track 1. Hatha yoga & meditation practice 22:05
Track 2. Poetry & possitive affirmations 13:32

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