I wanted to share this beautiful sunrise experience on the Haleakala crater, Maui.

We had to get up at 2 am to get up to top of the mountain about 10,000 ft. It was freezing, well I thought it was, some people had on shorts and flip flops, YIKES!! I dropped my right glove while getting my iPhone video ready, so I was holding to Video and my hand and fingers were numb, and shaking. Also my feet were numb and my legs were literally shaking it was so cold, I guess I am a California girl. I was standing on a Little Rock so I got this great view.

I’m glad I did it!!

I didn’t know that I was standing next to this lovely Hawaii woman that was holding the space, she sang a special song. The chanting song was lovely, so turn on the volume..

We road bikes back down the mountain, the view was amazing, I was smiling the entire time. I hope you can make it sometime, or at least enjoy it from your cozy place for now.

Love your life,