Johnna Trimmer is an expert in seeing what is blocking you. She aids in facilitating a release of what is holding you back, in an easy yet powerful way. Her goal is to fully empower you to live with LOVE, and to achieve your hopes and desires.


Her search began in 1989, after she had lived with back pain for most of her life. She felt deep inside, that there must be a way to be happy, healthy, and successful and live the life that she had always dreamed of, without pain. That was the only thing she wished to realize.


Her training in Yoga began in 1991 with Yoga Swami Devaruptananda, and in 1995 TTC Sivananda; also studying certified massage therapy, Cranial Therapy, and Thai Massage. She studied with many master yoga teaches of all traditions in India for 6 months. In 1998 she founded Laguna Yoga School and store, where she trained and taught many yoga students. She has created and recorded Yoga & Yoga Nidra audio programs: “Yoga In Bed”, and an iPhone App.


In 2011 she was certified in Soul Memory Discovery, Esoteric Healing, Energy Release and Angel Therapy. She began her coaching practice full time in 2012. Soul Memory Discovery was the missing piece where she found what she had been searching for, gratefully.


Johnna works from her office in Laguna Beach, and online, she also leads workshops and retreats. She loves to share these powerful and beautiful tools with everyone to assist them in experiencing the life that they dream of, in an easy, and loving way.