What happens when a wire from the main electrical circuit wears out or gets disconnected from the circuit to the electrical switch in your kitchen,,,,
no breakfast (no coffee 🤪)
no lunch,
no dinner.

I had a woman here for a session yesterday. She is lovely. She had been experiencing many health issues for at least twenty years of her life. She has been in A LOT of physical pain, back issues, RSD, CRPS, at one point one of her legs turned completely blue, she said the level of pain was off the charts extreme, unbearable, so sad…it took years to heal, she could barely walk, and now has been having another RSD flare up, in her right hand, she’s right handed, very very challenging to do anything, getting dressed cooking, so many things!! And lately she’s had issues with her digestion and major constipation.

As we sat and started talking about how she was feeling, I could see that there was this pulling away, a twisting, a smashing, of all of her bodies, her organs, her electro magnetic bodies, her fields, her systems, they were all mangled, nothing was connected properly, it’s really hard to explain.

When I said what I was seeing out loud, she said with a big sigh, well, I have been in many car accidents.
It all made perfect sense as she began telling me all of her experiences. For real she’d had one car wreck she had been smashed between two cars, another that her car she said spun out of control, someone came and got her, put her in their car, they were on the freeway, as soon as they got her in their car someone hit her empty car so hard it destroyed the car as she watched it happen just after moments of her getting to safety. There were others, several others. 

This explained to me why I was seeing everything in her body the way it was, everything was completely locked up, frozen, twisted, smashed, none of her electrical systems were connected, her energy body parts were pulled away from her matching body parts, as if all the light switches were turned off to all of her electric circuits, organs and much more going on here.

There was also, as you can imagine a lot of emotions tied to this also, all trapped or held in her body, Including a constant fear of when will I be hit again,
I don’t trust other drivers, life is not safe for me, I cannot relax or trust anything, this just a few examples of things going on.

She has been to many many doctors all treating the symptoms, over and over again, and never really getting the real positive tangible results she needed, for over twenty years.

So we had to untwist her organs her body parts, her organs, her bones, put her energy bodies back in connection with everything, we had to re-alignment her body parts, with her energy body parts, and much more.

We had to heal and clear all the trauma, and release all those emotions held in her body.

As I told her what I was seeing inside her,,, she was in awe, and everything made perfect sense to her, there was recognition as to why she had been experiencing those symptoms, physically and emotionally all of her life. That alone gave her such relief, you could see her start to relax, a sigh of relief!

Her hand that has had RSD for about six months and been in a brace, funny, not really, I just recalled, her back had been in a brace also many years ago and she had to stop her passion of dancing, and teaching children dance, which actually broke her heart, of course we healed that also, although we can’t get those years back, yet she can now move forward in her life and feel passion, love for life again, oh and a body that is going now heal for real and start working.

Her right hand, which she could not touch her thumb to her middle finger before the session started, she actually touched them together before she left, she said with no pain!!

This is so very exciting to me.. a real healing, someone had their life back, yet it will or might take a little time to get all circuits operating at full force, and of course I’ll do a few more sessions to continue her healing process with ease.

You see I was her, I had been in twelve car accidents myself, I suffered for years of my life with physical symptoms, pain, being bed ridden, my brain (thinking) not even functioning properly, and the trauma held in my body and my emotions were all creating havoc in me. I went to so many experts, doctors of all kinds,,, it took me years to figure out what was really going on and to get my body healthy, and vibrantly healthy, happy and free of all that trauma.

Yet I did, and that’s why I do what I do.
That is why I had to learn to see-what I see, what no one else could see or figure out, because I had to!!! My life was at hand. I was, I am a very determined person, for myself and for you.

Maybe you or you know someone that’s had something going on and they or you could use some help in this way.

It would give me great joy, to help you be free. So you can have a life you love, including a vibrant healthy body that works for you, so you can live with passion!

Love & Light,
Johnna ❤