Most people don’t see energy or Spirit, yet they probably know of, or have heard of someone who does.  You may think this is unusual or weird. I know I did for most of my life.  I heard people talk about angels, yet I had never seen one. There are many paintings of angels, therefore most of us have images in our minds of what they look like.  I have even met people who said they’ve talked to angels. In the past, I thought these people were way to ‘woo woo’!

After practicing Yoga and meditation for over 26 years, I have become more sensitive and aware of energy. . . and even of angels!  I now experience Spirit around me and around others.  I did not set out to do this, however it just started happening.
Now, after years of study and extensive practice, I have come to learn that we are all capable of becoming aware of energy, Spirit and even angels!

We might have different ways of experiencing this.  Some people might experience spirit or energy through seeing, while some people feel, have a knowing, or even experience a combination of these senses. Many of my teachers spoke of protecting yourself, yet I don’t remember many people clearly explaining how to do this. However I was encouraged to burn sage for clearing, light candles, and burn incense. As a result, I did these things for many many years. Although these practices could uplift mood and energy, they were not really releasing the negative attachments in my life and home.

I now feel or experience things and energies that hang out in our fields; like in our Auras, or our Etheric fields, and even in our home environments. I now experience different energies, or the darkness that can attach to us. I call all of these fields “energies” for simplicity. These energies can effect our clarity of mind, our moods, and even block good things from happening in our lives in the realms of relationships, our careers, and even could cause accidents.  I know that for many many years, I had no idea all this was possible. Now I can feel and experience the difference in myself and in my life. I am so blessed that someone not only told me about these energies, but showed me. This has made a great impact on my life and I am forever grateful!

It has been a blessing to both me and the many wonderful people that I have been privileged to work with, so I hope to share it with you as well.

If you have anything that has been bothering you or you have NOT been able to identify the source of these issues ranging from health issues, sleep issues, feelings of anxiety, money issues, accidents, or something deeper we can identify them, a session with me can help more than you can imagine. I would love to talk with you and help you feel better and happier in your day to day life.

Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions about what I do.

I am available at anytime and I am here to assist you in any way that I can!

I thank you.

Blessings to you, and all that you do in your life,

Johnna Trimmer