I am extremely excited to offer this new series, starting February 7th at 3:00 pm PST!

5 weeks to moving out all the lies, non-beneficial believes, patterns, and more that we have been told that keep us from accepting and loving ourselves and our lives, and allowing us to create with power.
Are your ready for more SELF – LOVE?

It’s already February 2023, can you believe it?

This month is all about LOVE, but not an ordinary love.

A NEW LOVE, A new love, real love for yourself and for your life. When we feel self – LOVE, we feel worthy of knowing that we are powerful creators and we can and will create anything we desire.

I have been doing healings all my life, from teaching yoga, meditations, since the age of 21, after being told, at 11 years old I could never play, nor would I be able to have a healthy body, ever, and I certainly would not be able to stand by 30. I lived in pain most my life, and was very sickly.

I am 55 now. I healed myself of sever asthma, back pain, money issues, worthiness issue’s and more. I have a very happy, healthy, mind, body, emotions, and a deep connection to my highest purpose. I am committed to living my best most extraordinary life, and helping you live the same.

I just took Toni Robbins 5 day mastery challenge, it was fantastic. I will share with you some of his empowering tools, process’s and techniques, we will incorporate them into this 5 week series.
I Promise to deliver the best me ever!!!

I know you can have a life YOU love and a YOU, you LOVE. Are you ready?

  • IF you are ready for SELF-LOVE, and dissolving that negative voice, you know that one.
  • IF your know you are meant for more, let’s clear and heal that shit, let’s go up in frequency, to create the BEST you EVER, and your most favorite you and year ever. Remember we are energy.
  • I AM COMMITTED to SELF LOVE, is a key to being able to manifest whatever you desire?

When you are Committed, to SELF LOVE, you can call forth anything you desire, and here’s why:

When you decide, KNOW, and FEEL your power of SELF LOVE-
you will understand WHO & WHY you are here, and can activate your power, and be able to create what you desire with ease, grace, and fun.

YOU will learn to embody being that person now, without wavering from that inner vision.

We will also be Learn to IMPRINT the energy of your desires, to bring them into your REALITY!🤩🤩🤩
You will manifest everything you desire.
And this is exactly what the Committed Masterclass will teach you to BE, and to feel the SELF – LOVE you have always craved.
February 7th. 2023
5 Tuesdays- live zoom
3:00 PM (2 hours) PST
Investment in you $444
When Commit on or before 2/5, afterwards is $1111.
Classes are recorded and your will receive healings in each class, on zoom or distance. IF valentines you like to skip class we can do that, let me know.
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