Nothing can make you HAPPY;
only happiness can make you Happy

Does that sound like a bad joke?

If LIKE produces LIKE
Then it must go both ways-
If you are NOT Happy, then you will get more UN-Happiness-
but If  You are HAPPY, You will be given more HAPPINESS.

Sound weird?

So how do we get more Happiness?

Where does it come from?

We know Happiness can not be bought or sold. We have all experienced finally getting something or someone 🙂 only to discover that the excitement and thrill does not last. . . yet we do it again and again.

You can’t be talked into being Happy, well maybe for a moment- a great joke or a spontaneous event. You know the one that provokes an unexpected OUT LOUD laugh that makes your eyes water, you can barley breathe and you pee your pants, but only a tiny bit, and hope no-body noticed.

Actually, You can demand more Happiness.

Did you ever think of that?
There are many ways.

And if you are immersed in self growth or spiritual work, are you getting the results you want, the results you need?

Do they inspire Happiness?

A new life may begin in the mind with a new outlook on life, but until it filters down through your heart and into your body, nothing much will change. A new life requires a new way of being – being in your body, and Heart.

Happiness is an inherent quality of our true nature. Happiness is always present within us but our perception of it can be blocked by psychological problems or Dark energies. Most likely you have been carrying this “Energy” around for a long time, and possibly for many life times.

The sun is always there but we can’t always see it, and happiness is always there but we can’t always feel it.

You can ask yourself “What is blocking my happiness right now?” Don’t put emphasis on the mind’s answer, instead focus on how your body is responding.

The discomfort is only a symptom; it is not the root cause.

One of the many Positive benefits of the Soul Memory Discovery Processes is that THEY can uncover and identify the root cause of the block or issue that is causing your UN-Happiness, and hindering the HAPPINESS which is our natural state.

Please join me for a Soul Memory Session.

I would be honored to share this beautiful work with you. I am available for Private or Group sessions.

To reserve your place for Saturday’s class please email or call me ASAP at  949-306-1062!
(I offer these classes, at a discounted rate, so all may benefit from this work)
In service, to assist you to release your HAPPINESS, Peace, Health and Love for YOU, in you, and your life.
Thank you & Namaste’