I had this experience with Christine Soloman, she came to me as a referral for me to hire her for photography, she was highly recommend. I thought it would be fun to share this. As you read this this understand that this is her experience of what happened from the time we met on a phone call until we did our photo shoot. The only part I wanted to say something about, which you’ll understand after reading her story. When clients come to see me, I usually express, to them they might feel some anxiety or interruptions or other issues getting to me and that this is normal, so please give yourself time and understand this as you’re getting to my house for your session. I promise it will be worth it and I’ll explain why this occurs when you arrive. I personally had a similar experience getting to my first healing session, and I have experienced so many other people having this experience getting to me…it’s quiet normal. Because I technically wasn’t doing a session for Christine this day, it didn’t dawn on me to say anything. I’ll make sure that this is something mentioned for now on.

Christine arrived to my house, about two hours after our Scheduled time. Yet with all of that frustration she immediately got to work on my photo sessions. We had a great time, she was wonderful, professional, and I have a lot of amazing photos, that I Love. I’m
Very grateful to her.

Story by: Christine Soloman, photographer

If you’ve ever had a moment where you doubt the universe or the power it has to either catapult you forward or hold you back, this is a story for you. Keep your mind open because this isn’t a story for those that aren’t open to the very real and profound power of the things we cannot see…with our eyes anyway.

I’m a photographer, I specialize in documenting creatives, I find spaces where my clients feel the most themselves and then show them what they look like when they are doing the thing that they love, the thing that makes them come alive. Johnna came to me in the form of a referral. As we were discussing rates and all that fun stuff I had proposed that we work out a situation that might work for both of us because I was feeling like I had just been so blocked recently and wanted some help with that. She replied stating that I had some earth bound spirits attached to me that were absolutely blocking me. I felt excited about our agreement.

My booking process is always very simple and quick. For some reason booking a date to shoot took an abnormal amount back and forth. I felt bad about this because it took so long and was so strange that it took the amount of communication it did to actually look down a date and time.

We finally set a date to shoot.

I live in West Hollywood and Johnna in Santa Monica. I thought this was a great opportunity to adventure and take the train. I was scheduled to arrive at her place at 3pm. I arrived in Santa Monica at 2 pm off the train, which was so easy to do from Hollywood. With a little extra time I walked around 3rd street and texted Johnna to see if she was good for 3pm still or if she needed any more time. We decided on 3:15 pm, a very easy time for me to get from 3rd to to her place which was about 5 minutes away.

At this point I need to let you know as a reader, I have traveled around the world, a few times over and you can drop me in the middle of any city anywhere and I can get to where I need to go. With ease.

I jumped on a scooter at 3 pm and headed to Johnna’s with 15 minutes being over the time I needed to get there. I didn’t use navigation because I used to live in Santa Monica and knew what direction I had to go. 10 minutes later, I found myself pulled over on the side of Ocean pulling up my navigation realizing that I had gone a mile and a half the wrong way. Frustrated, I put my navigation in my ears and got back on the scooter. Half way to my destination my scooter stopped working, the battery was full, yet it was beeping and refused to go past the pier.
Now I am already late to meet with a new client. So I texted her apologizing and jumped on another scooter.

Confident I was making my way, I followed the navigation, which first told me to keep going, then to turn, which I did and then something I’ve never seen which was:
Turn in 300 feet, turn in 400 feet, turn in 500 feet, everything going in reverse!!! With no idea what the heck was happening and feeling extremely frustrated I kept going.
Fast forward to ending up on the side of the road in Venice…

Blown away with how I could have got so off course, I got off the scooter and called an Lyft now being almost an hour late. I texted Johnna a screen shot of the Lyft and kept repeating that I have no idea how or why I cant get there.

4:19pm, thats the time that I got to Johnna’s! She greeted me at the door with a huge smile and started telling me that she should have let me know that very often people have a hard time getting to her. I said, “WHY?, its the easiest place to get to. I don’t understand”. She explained that my earthbound spirits know what she does and they don’t want to leave me. That the possibility of that happening has them working hard to do everything they can to make sure I don’t get there.

It was truly the only thing that could have made sense of my journey.

We shot for a few hours in her beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean. Nearing the end of the shoot we decided to go walk by the beach.
Johnna turned to me and said, my guides said you can’t leave until I clear you. She explained that her gift doesn’t allow for her to not help people that need it.
We stood on the beach and I playfully joked about what was about to happen, she turned and explained that what we were about to do was quite serious and to close my eyes and relax. I held on to her hand and as she began to speak I felt what I can only describe as an overwhelming tingle down the side of my body that caused me to burst into tears immediately. That was the moment I knew this was indeed nothing to joke about and that whatever was happening was so real that I needed to open up and give it my full belief and attention.

Past that profound beginning moment, there were other personal moments that I had that I will keep as such, but in order to finish this story with the understanding I want you to have, I need you to know that I went home that night and felt lighter. I spent the next few days doing my homework and began to notice that the blocks that I was feeling ceased to exist. I was able to do the things I needed to without feeling like I was dragging a car behind me. Later that week I reached out with a couple concerns and Johnna did a follow up clearing for me. The next day I woke up to the exact thing I needed, happening in real time.

I am so very grateful for my experience with Johnna and how the universe does not work in mysterious ways but instead in very purposeful ways.

There was a lot more going on for her than this, as we are much more than what we think and see. Including the work I do it quite complex, multidimensional, and life transforming.
I’d love to hear what you think about this..and if you’d like Christine’s contact, please message me.

If you’d like to learn more about my work, Healing Alchemy and how it can help transform you from the inside out, and create vibrant health, happiness, and innate profound joy, message me.

Love & Light,