Hello All,

So if you know me: You might not know anything about what I am sharing here with you now. I don’t share all that much about my personal life, not that there is anything wrong with it. Maybe I’m to good or interested in you, your life and what makes you, well YOU!

This is really about this Process, called Soul Memory Discovery.

At times in my life, it would seem as if I was in a movie, sometimes watching it, the things that would happen around me, at times were comical, the Chas, confusion, mix ups, all kinds of bizarre encounters (not alien ones) with people. I would at times get this “feeling” in my solar plexus, (at the time, I had no idea what solar plexus even was) The feelings could be so overwhelming, kinda nausea, sometimes nervous, at times angry, (and that is not really my normal response to anything) but unable to be identified on any rational level. It would never make any since, but something FELT wrong. I did my best to keep it at bay, and not let if effect me or my life, well the best that I could.

SO its years later, 2009, I am having an experience, it had been happening for more than a year, but had gotten to the point that I really felt not a single drop of JOY anywhere inside myself, I felt this “intense” feeling in my solar plexus. This was not at all my usual way of being or feeling, I was mostly Joyful and relaxed, enjoyed my life. I had no idea what was going on, I tired to put my finger on it, look deeply inside myself, continue my meditation practice and yoga. I tried so many things in the hopes of figuring it out. This feeling continued t get more intense and I felt, I had no choice but to kept to myself a lot, I spent as much time as possible out in nature, and did not ever talk about it. I was almost to the point that I thought I was just going to die, I had no “life force energy”. I then finally had a vision of myself; I was drowning or being covered in cement, that is what I saw, and it was almost covering my month and I was about to drown in it, I also felt almost paralyzed, and could hardly move, and drops of joy, or light, there was maybe a drop. I know this must sound crazy, I don’t think I have shared this with many people, it all seemed so insane.

So it was shorty after this vision that I had, a client mentioned a women that she had a session with, (I wont mention any names here) she barely said much about it. I knew immediately I needed to see her, and ASAP! I called her up, and she was booked solid, as well she charged $150.00 an hour, and I was told the minimum time would be 3 hours for my session!! Yikes, for one session!! The other thing that was happening was that money was not flowing in my life, as I had never experienced, it was like something was preventing me from living fully, I cant explain it, I am sure it sounds all to weird, I would have to totally agree!!!!!!!

So, I did get in to see this woman, and oh my was the session weird!! I had never heard of anything like this or seem anything like it. She mentioned Curses, past lives stuff, earthbound spirits, Dybbuks, she was clearing, and she was communicating with guides or angels, I really had no idea, it was way “Out There” in my opinion, anyway.
The session, however was uplifting and positive, I left feeling better. I even began to feel “drops of Joy” beginning ¬†to light up my body again, and it had felt like an eternity since I felt like that. It took some time, but I felt that I was getting my life back. This was so bizarre, but in addition; I would continue to feel the way that I explained earlier, nausea, chaos, feeling sick in my solar plexus, just to mention a few things here. I went to see this woman a few more times, and each time her session helped me, but it would not last. Then finally, a random event happen, and I found out that I actually knew someone that also did this work. She ended up helping me so much. I was still having issues around this “feeling” thing, I finally emailed her, and she emailed me and introduced me to: Ellen Kaufman Dosick MSW, LCSW, http://soulmemorydiscovery.com