I Asked the Universe and it responded, YES, We won tickets to Paris for my Birthday in December.
A few weeks ago I was thinking that it be nice to go to Paris for my upcoming Bday in December, this year. One of my friends (she started out being a student) has been doing extremely well in every way; this includes her intuition, her insight, her being in the flow of life, experiences of joy, Seeing and experience many synchronistic things, as I do daily. I started seeing photos and things of Paris all over the place, one day I was at a stop light and I look over to the Car next to me and the girl has a statue of the Eiffel Tower hanging from her mirror and my friend was calling me in that moment! I was lol, of course and I said to my friend let’s win or receive these tickets without using money, it will be fun. She said okay, I told her I wouldn’t do anything about bring them Forth, I’d leave it to her. I knew she could do it without me. So the game was on, and Three weeks later, NOW, I was just informed we received, WON them in a raffle, two tickets to PARIS for my Birthday. The 11:11 a screen shot as it was when Mary found out we won tickets on Friday October 20, 2017.
Thank you!!!
You can do it to!!
Appreciation, love, pure joy.