This will be my fourth trip to India this coming Saturday, March 12, 2016.

This still amazes me; in my life growing up I never thought of India. However, when it calls you, and you might not know that it’s calling you, until your bags are about packed and your on your way. The first time I went, I was told before I left I wound not ever have my health back, and I left with only a little money in my pocket with no idea how I’d survive. I stayed in India for almost six months, I traveled from the south up through the Himalayas. I stayed at ashrams and Holly sites sometime weeks at a time, I sat or walked in deep contemplation or sat with a Guru. India can be a challenging place, yet it’s beauty, it feminine ground and culture are beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life. It can rip you up from the inside out, tear away your beliefs of who you think you are, and what your life or even life itself is and maybe is not.

I leave their each time leaving a part of myself not in India but released from my human mind, my body, my spirit; as I feel a deeper felt since of love, beauty, harmony and peace with my true nature and everything that is.

I wonder what this trip shall  stir up, evoke, or inspire?
Yet only the present moment I will be, embraced in the awe of it.