On Thursday January 28th I received a phone message from a dear friend and client of mine, who had come to me a few years ago for a Clearing. He said he was at the hospital visiting a friend who had been there for a few weeks, and that the doctors had not been able in all that time to figure out what was wrong with him. It appeared to him that his friend was seriously ill and had almost no life left in him. He said he had a sinking feeling that the doctors were not going to be able to figure out what was wrong with him or what was causing his illness. He said that the hospital was considering on moving him by ambulance to another hospital in the hopes that they would perhaps be able to figure out what was wrong. Seeing his friend this way, with no light left in him at all and knowing they wanted to move him, my friend asked me if I would do a Clearing for his friend.

So, that evening I did, and in doing so I was able to discover exactly what was making him sick and causing him to vomit continuously.

The next day my friend called the hospital and spoke with his friend’s family, it seemed that he was actually starting to feel better, but he was still vomiting a little. I went right back to work to release a few final things that were causing this issue. By that night he had started to feel even better, and he continued to improve into the following day. This man who was already thin had lost allot of weight and was very weak. But by Saturday January 30th, after the work I did he felt well enough to go home, instead of going on to another hospital. He started to eat food again and to regain his energy, and each day was felling better and better.

His wife, and family say it is a miracle, and his baby boy I am sure is grateful that he will now have his father again by his side. My friend stepped in and created a miracle for his friend, his wife and his baby, and we together have been able to create a blessing of life and health for his friend and his family.

This is why I do what I do, thank you God and the Angels for these gifts, for they are not mine.

With Gratitude and Love, Johnna